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Buy/Rent Services

• Receive the buyer/tenant request with all his needs (area, location, budget, payment method, etc…).

• Filter the offered properties for sale/rent to match it with our client request.

• Assist our client by a life visit to all properties that matches his request.

• Conduct a competitive market analysis (CMA) to reach the property market price.

• Negotiate the price and payment terms to match the client budget and his payment ability to reach the best price, and to assist him in choosing the best property that has an excellent market value and appreciation (Read the investment services).

• Check on the legal documents and situation for the selected property, and issue a legal contract from our legal department to secure our client.

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Sell/Rent Services

• Conduct a competitive market analysis (CMA) to reach the property market selling price.

• Collect the property documents to insert it in the property file.

• Property photo shooting to insert it in the property file and the company network.

• Collect the property documents to insert it in the property file.

• Conduct a suitable marketing plan to sell/rent the property.

• Assist in enhancing the property to attract buyers/tenants.

• Negotiate on behalf of the seller to get the best offer.

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Corporate Housing Services

FindWell offers corporate housing and extended stay rentals in secure communities fully furnished or semi-furnished with no broker fees. We support you through accommodations for expatriates coming from all around the world whether working in embassies, multinational corporations, franchises, foreign agencies, or international and regional organizations. Our Foreign Housing Consultant will furnish you with the following:

• Through our network we will show you appropriate and sustainable properties for rent (furnished or unfurnished).

• In the search process, we will consider the length of the expatriate’s stay, budget work location, schools, colleges, universities and club in which matches the needs of our client.

• We provide information regarding the facilities of the properties’ location.

• Conducting several tour showings to assist you in selecting the most suitable property.

• We will familiarize your employees with the area they are going to live in.

• We negotiate on behalf of our client to reach the best price and payment terms, to match our client`s budget ability.

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New Projects

FindWell New Projects Team is proud to be trusted by all well known developers in Egypt to market and sell their residential projects in New Cairo, 6th of Oct., North Coast & Ain El Sokhna. FindWell`s Projects Consultant will serve you with the following with 0% commission:

• Having all the projects with different developers meeting our client request on one table in the same time.

• Assisting our client in comparing the projects, through providing all the information of each project.

• Neutrally consult our client with the best match between different projects regarding his needs, budget, payment method, investment value, location, community & delivery date.

• Assist our client with sight visits to the projects, and the requested unit.

• Responsible for booking the unit, and supervise signing the contract with the developer.